#TeamiPhone VS #TeamDroid

iPhone atau Android ? Pertanyaan klasik saat ini ketika seseorang hendak membeli sebuah smartphone yang benar-benar ‘smart’. iPhone dan Android memang mempunyai penggemar sendiri yang sering kali saling menyerang satu sama lain. Saya rasa wajar, sama seperti ketika anda mendukung sebuah klub sepakbola.

2 artis YouTube, Peter Hollens dan J Rice, membuat lagu dan video yang menggambarkan pertarungan #TeamiPhone dan #TeamAndroid. Tidak lupa dengan sedikit tarian Gangnam Style. Simak video berikut ini.



Jika anda ingin ikut bernyanyi, berikut adalah liriknya:


Verse 1:
All my apple sons and daughters give praise to the Jobfather
If you ain’t reppin iphone then huh don’t even bother.
Got the 32 gig for 749
and you can catch me on the bus while I facetime
it’s faster, it’s thinner, i’ll never let go
and with this four inch screen I got a whole new row
I’m more than fanatic just call me an apple addict
I’ve been coppin every product they dropped since steve was at it

No fragmentation
no lag time wastin’
no malware hacking, you never have to worry about

It just works
it doesn’t matter what the specs are
iphone 5
might even trade my wife for


Verse 2:
You need to chill with iphone talk I’m just annoyed
You think you’re better than me just because I’m holdin a droid
You just dropped a thousand bucks at the apple store
And bought a thinner version of the iphone 4
These Droids are taking over don’t act like never told ya
Get a Samsung, HTC, or Motorola
you jacked notifications in your last OS
and mighta got us for a bill, but we’ll be comin for you next

no navigation
no public transportation
no steve to fix it
you’ll never find your way back home

it just sucks
you’re just an apple fanboy
iPhone 5
meh, no thanks I’ll keep my android

Jadi bagaimana dengan anda, #TeamiPhone atau #TeamDroid ? Beritahu kami pada kolom komentar di bawah.

Referensi: www.youtube.com/peterhollens, youtube.com/jriceproductions, oxagile.com.

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